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April 2016 Newsletter
Please find details below regarding your timetable changes over the exam season along with information about the year 11 ball and making your vote count towards the Class of 2016 awards!

Exam Support

You will have noticed a poster around school which details changes to your timetables over the Summer exam season. Please note you can view view this document via the WPS GCSE site or directly by clicking here. If you have any questions about any aspect of this timetabling please speak to your form tutor in the first instance.

Celebration Assembly: Make your Vote Count!

During one morning this week (your tutor will confirm the day) you will vote for the winners of the Class of 2016 awards to be handed out in the celebration assembly on the afternoon of the 22nd June.

Year 11 Ball Update

Many of the Class of 2016 have already signed up for the ball. If you are yet to do so now is the time to get a move on and return your completed forms and money! Linked to this if you would like a hooded top you must return payment to us by the end of this month in order for them to be ordered and then delivered by your celebration assembly! Spare forms are available at Student Reception.