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February 24th 2017 Newsletter

There are now only 17 days until your pre-public exams - if you are yet to start revising now is the time - take the plunge!  

In this edition you will find details about your support for your upcoming Pre-Public Exams along with details of your actual GCSE exams this Summer:


Pre-Public Exams: Preparation Phase

We want you to perform well in your Pre-Public Exams to give you even more confidence going into your GCSE exams this Summer.  During the next two weeks prior to these exams, and in addition to your high quality lessons and after school opportunities, you have:

  1. A ‘How to revise effectively session’ with a senior member of staff (Tuesday 28th February 8.30 - 9.55)

  2. Your most important Parents’ Evening when you will information about how to prepare for your exams in each subject

  3. Your final Elevate Education session entitled ‘Ace Your Exams’ (Friday 3rd March 08:30 - 09:55)

  4. Queen’s College Saturday morning revision session for selected students (Saturday 4th March)

  5. Masterclass sessions for selected students in English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and French (Friday 3rd March 09:55 - 15:00)

  6. Walking Talking Mocks for selected students in English, Maths and Science

Please note that your Pre-Public Exam Timetables will be distributed on Monday during registration and that there is a mistake in the length of the English Literature PPE - it is 2hr 15 rather than 1hr 45 as stated on your timetables.

To offer even further support during registration time from Monday 27th February we will be combining tutor groups in the following rooms:

  • SST and CBA register in N4

  • DBA and KFE register in L1

  • NBO and LSW register in L2

Expect as normal to come in, sit down and log in to your Chromebooks during this time.

In addition to all of this some of you have also been invited to yoga sessions during PE lessons over the remaining weeks of this term - please make the most of these amazing opportunities!

Following the Pre-Public Exams we have the 2 day Art exam and then it is the two week Easter break (revision sessions available sat parents’ evening) and then you have four further weeks until the beginning of the Summer exam season.  Make the most of your time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I see the GCSE exam timetable?  This is available now on the WPS GCSE site - visit in the form of an overview document provisionally detailing the revision sessions prior to each exam.