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April 2017 Newsletter

Please find important details below ahead of your GCSE exams beginning including support for your sprint to the finish line, the ball and ordering your hooded top!

Sprint Finish

Firstly, a huge congratulations to the many of you that performed well in the PPE Curve exams - these results come as a result of your hard work.  However, as mentioned in assembly with 10 school days remaining until the start of the GCSE exam season now is the time in your marathon to for your sprint to the finish line to begin.  Our messages remain the same: make the most of every lesson, complete an average of 2hrs revision each day outside of school and once you have fixed the mistakes from your PPEs keep going with completing those practice papers!  As a reminder here is a link to a booklet from Elevate Education with some exam tips.

English & Maths Revision Sessions

During the remaining 10 days a number of you will be involved in additional sessions on Tuesdays (for English) and Wednesdays (for Maths).  Make the most of these excellent opportunities to support you in your sprint to the finish line.

Celebration Assembly: Make your Vote Count!

103 of you have already cast your vote for the Class of 2017 Awards.  The rest of you still have time - just click this link and make your vote count!  Class of 2017 awards to be handed out in the celebration assembly on the afternoon of the 21st June.

Year 11 Ball Update

Many of the Class of 2017 have already signed up for the ball.  If you are yet to do so now is the time to get a move on and return your completed forms and money!  Linked to this if you would like a hooded top you must return payment to us by the 12th May in order for them to be ordered and then delivered by your celebration assembly!  Spare forms are available at Student Reception.

Mr Pearson