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May 2nd 2017 Newsletter

In this edition you will find details about your independent careers advisor appointments and a reminder about work experience:


Independent Careers Advisor Appointments

  • Our aim is for all students to be seen by our independent careers advisor (Mr Aldridge) by January of Year 11.  

  • Over the summer term we will be focusing on one tutor group per week to complete the first phase of these important interviews.

  • These interviews will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Stable Block.

  • As not all students will be seen during this time this exercise will be repeated in the Autumn term of Year 11.

  • If you would like to request an interview as soon as possible please complete this form otherwise we will schedule appointments between now and January 2018.

  • You will be handed an appointment card during registration time to show on arrival at the Stable Block but please note you may also get called from a lesson if other students are absent.

Work Experience Choices

  • As mentioned in assembly you can now make your choices for work experience placements online by using the PIN you have previously been sent.

  • You can make these choice at any point in your own time with every tutor group also provided with one morning in D7 for further support (see below).  Once these choices have been made you will be matched to placements over the following 6 weeks by the careers team.


Tutor Group

Friday 28th April


Friday 5th May


Monday 8th May


Tuesday 9th May


Wednesday 10th May


Friday 12th May


  • Please note that your placement is not confirmed until you receive an official letter from the school - you should expect to receive this towards the end of June or early July.