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24th January 2018 Newsletter

Work Experience

Here as promised is a brief summary of the key items from the assembly yesterday focused on your Work Experience week in October 2018:

  1. You have now been sent an email to your school account from the Oxfordshire Work Experience team providing further details including a link to this form for you to complete.  

    1. This form must be submitted by 23rd February 2018

  2. Your parents have been sent an email with a short form for them to also complete.

  3. On the 20th March 2018 if you and your parents have completed these forms, you will be sent a PIN and information on how to access the system and make your choices. If you do not submit the Student Form online you will not get any further with organising your work experience than this and may have to accept a placement given to you.

  4. You are encouraged to find your own placement ahead of choosing from the online system.  To do this you can use links through your parents networks and/or make contact within the business sectors you are most interested in.  If you find your own placement:

    1. You must get a Student Own Placement form (SOP) from me.

      1. To do this send me a brief email stating that you would like a form and where you are planning to go for your placement.

      2. I will then hand these out personally each week either before or after assembly.

      3. Please avoid work experience with your parents or previous school for maximum benefit.

      4. Once you have a placement offer, complete the SOP and get your employer to sign it.  It MUST be signed by the employer for us to process it.

      5. Return your SOP to your tutor by 16th March 2018 or you will need to make choices on the system

      6. Placements in other counties may incur a cost.

  1. If you are interested in a placement with the Army please email me.  Please note that if successful this week would be at a different time to our scheduled week of work experience.

Finally, you may be interested in reading more information about Work Experience on the Oxfordshire Work Experience website here or in viewing the slides from the assembly here.

Mr Pearson