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May 2016 Newsletter
Please find details below regarding signing up to our alumni network!


Future First - our alumni network

Why should you sign up? As mentioned in assembly it is important for you to note that we will not checking up on you or spamming you with information - it's just a way of staying connected and hearing about opportunities to get involved if you want to later down the line. Some of the other reasons for signing up include:

  • Building your CV: You can hear about advice/opportunities to gain work experience and learn new skills.
  • Staying connected: Updates on school news and upcoming events.
  • Getting a job: Both the school and Future First can tell you about jobs and other cool opportunities to get involved with.
  • Giving something back: Even after you have left, you can still get involved with things you enjoy i.e. coaching a sports team or editing the termly magazine.
  • Helping others: Keep in touch and, a little further down the line, you might be able to share your experiences with students in your old seats!
  • Asking for a reference.

You can sign up by clicking on the link on the home page of the school website.