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May 17th 2017 Newsletter

You have made a great start to your GCSE exam season - well done.  


To support you in continuing to prepare yourself each day to perform at your best here are some reminders about what you have learnt about eating the right things, sleeping, revising, relaxing and turning off your phone.  

How many of the below can you plan to achieve each day to be ‘performance ready’ over the exam season?

  • Eating an appropriate breakfast

  • Eating an appropriate and healthy snack/s

  • Exercising

  • Eating a healthy lunch

  • Planning chunked revision

  • Having time to relax

  • Having time to socialise

  • Eating a healthy evening meal

  • Turning off your phone

  • Having 7-8 hours sleep

  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Planning time to calm yourself down

As promised in assembly last week HERE is a link to 20 recipes to enhance your power, concentration and energy - choose one to try this weekend! (You can also find videos showing you how to make each recipe HERE)

Mr Pearson